Yearly Archive:: 2014

Dec 30 2014

Astronauts Use 3D Printer to Make Tool

Finally someone figured out a good use for 3D printers. They have one on the space station, and they needed a particular type of wrench but didn’t have one. NASA folks uploaded a file to the printer
Dec 30 2014

Hacker Says He Can Copy a Fingerprint with a Camera

Think your fingerprint is secure as ID? Think again. A hacker says he was able to copy Germany’s federal minister of defense’s fingerprints just by taking a picture of her hands from nine feet away. Here’s the
Dec 30 2014

See a Smart Home in Action

Here is a video of the smart home of today, which is just a small sample of the functionality we will see in the future.
Dec 29 2014

Sears offers discount after dishwasher fails, then doesn’t respond

Doug Dale said the same part of his Sears Kenmore dishwasher broke four times in four years, and each time, Sears said he had to buy the part. The fourth time, Dale refused. Then Sears offered a
Dec 29 2014

Is This the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

From Herb Weisbaum, There is a lot of hype about year-end car sales, but is now the best time to buy? It depends who you talk to. Here’s the story.
Dec 29 2014

More Retailers Adopt Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Amazon is said to change an item’s price as frequently as every 20 minutes based on competition and other factors. And more retailers are hopping on the bandwagon. Here’s the story.
Dec 28 2014

Amazon’s Unlimited eBook Service Irks Authors

Amazon has a new $9.99 a month “all you can eat” plan for Kindle ebooks. The problem is that authors hate it because have reported that their income has dropped 75%. Here’s the story.
Dec 26 2014

Kodak Products to Return to Store Shelves

Soon you will see a familiar name on unfamiliar products. Kodak, a cherished brand name, is being licensed to companies for such things as baby monitors, DVDs, and things that have nothing to do with photography. Here’s
Dec 24 2014

The Least Wanted Christmas Gifts

If hard liquor is on your list of gifts to give this year, you better scratch it off. According to a new survey, that is the single most unwanted gift! Here is the rest of the list.
Dec 24 2014

Could You be Driving on Counterfeit Tires?

From Stacy Johnson, When Consumer Reports was testing tires, a Chinese brand didn’t perform particularly well. When checking the numbers on the tires, the magazine discovered that they were not manufactured by a company licensed to
Dec 23 2014

Year-End Review: How to Evaluate Your Retirement Accounts in 15 Minutes or Less

Use these three simple steps, and you can check the performance, fees and asset allocation of your IRA, 401(k) and other investments during commercial breaks. Here’s the story.
Dec 22 2014

Seniors #1 Complaint: Debt Collection Harassment

From Herb Weisbaum, According the CFPB, seniors are being hounded by debt collectors more and more. The major complaints include being hounded for medical debts currently in dispute, attempts to collect the debts of deceased family
Dec 19 2014

T-Mobile Settles Cramming Case; To Repay $90-mil

The same week that Sprint got sued by the CFPB, T-Mobile decided to settle a similar suit by the FTC alleging that the company profited from allowing third party billing of junk services to customers’ cell bills.
Dec 19 2014

Hellmann’s Drops Lawsuit Against “Just Mayo”

Unilever, the maker of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, had sued a small company whose product “Just Mayo” rubbed it the wrong way because it did not meet the definition of mayonnaise — because it did not have eggs as
Dec 18 2014

Soon on the Menu: Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

Under FDA rules going into effect next November, not only will restaurants have to disclose the calorie count in the meals, they will also have to disclose it for beverages, including alcoholic ones. Here’s the story.