Yearly Archive:: 2015

Dec 31 2015

6 new year’s resolutions for consumers

Give yourself a 2016 with fewer consumer hassles by making these six new year’s resolutions for consumers. 
Dec 30 2015

2 Bankers Pocket Proceeds of Dormant Accounts

Imagine this: two bankers at Chase Bank in New York found 15 accounts that got regular social security checks automatically deposited, but no withdrawals had been made for some time. So they created ATM cards for these
Dec 30 2015

ShopAdvisor App Targets Deals Based on Your Location, Interests

The New York Times reports than an app called ShopAdvisor uses beacons in stores to target promotions for products that you have already shown an interest in. A little creepy… but retailers say it works well. Here’s
Dec 30 2015

Macy’s Recalls Martha Stewart Frying Pans

Some stainless steel frying pans sold by Macy’s under the Martha Stewart brand pose a safety hazard. Apparently the little disks that cover the rivets holding the handle on can pop off and injure the user. Here’s
Dec 29 2015

Companies Repeatedly Violate Patient Privacy

An investigation by ProPublica finds that companies like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Kaiser Permanente repeated violated HIPAA privacy requirements between 2011 and 2014. Here’s the story.
Dec 29 2015

Comparing the Big Fast Food Pizza Brands

How did Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesar’s, Dominos and Sbarro do in a head-to-head taste and delivery test? Here’s the answer.
Dec 29 2015

Key to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions!

A new study suggests that asking someone whether they will do something is a more effective way to actually get them to do that behavior. So asking your spouse, “will you exercise more this coming year” is
Dec 29 2015

New Hoverboard Rules Coming to California

On January 1, 2016, California will ban the use of hoverboards by anyone under the age of 16 on public roads. Users will also have to wear a helmet, and these devices will not be allowed to
Dec 28 2015

Should fire suppression systems be required in new homes?

A homebuyer who works in the fire protection industry wanted to add a fire suppression system to his new home during the construction phase, but the builder said no. Should these systems be required? The experts think
Dec 28 2015

How to Bounce Back from Holiday Shopping Spree

Here are 10 tips to you take back control of your finances and spending after overindulging during the holidays.
Dec 28 2015

Given Healthier Meals, Most Parents Don’t Object

Disney did an experiment replacing fatty fries and sugary drinks with fruit and juice in their kids’ meals. And about half of parents ordering the meals accepted the changes. So offering healthier meals as the default option
Dec 27 2015

Ask Stacy: Why Is My Bond Fund Losing Money?

There’s no investment safer than U.S. Treasuries. But here’s something odd: You can lose money by investing in them. If you own a bond mutual fund, or know someone who does, read this.  
Dec 27 2015

Sweden Goes Almost Cashless

In Sweden, plastic cards and apps have largely replaced cash. In fact, only two percent of their economy runs on cash. Not everyone is cheering however. Here’s the story.
Dec 25 2015

7 Foods Your Pet Should Never Eat

There was a lot of publicity recently about dogs eating sugarless gum and dying. Here are more foods to keep away from pets.
Dec 24 2015

Some Shoppers Gravitate to Losing Products

Some people can pick a winner, and others know how to pick a loser. The same thing goes for shoppers. A new study suggests that some people have a knack for repeatedly buying products that will fail