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Oct 20 2017

In the UK, Cell Providers Keeping Charging for Paid-Off Phones

It sounds unbelievable, but three big providers of cell service in the United Kingdom have been accused of not reducing customers’ bills after they have paid off their cellphones. Here’s the story.
Oct 19 2017

10 Types of People Who Fall for Scams, Schemes and Cons

Fraud victims often are older people, as you might expect. But they’re also people you may not think are vulnerable. Here’s the story. 
Oct 19 2017

11 Places in the World Where You Can Afford to Retire in Style

If retiring in comfort seems like a stretch, consider going abroad where your savings do the stretching. Check out these popular destinations for Americans. 
Oct 19 2017

Is This Amazon Job Offer a Scam?

Companies are boosting their hiring as they prepare for the holiday season and remain optimistic about the economy. But not all job offers are real. See what made one job seeker suspicious about an offer.
Oct 19 2017

Beware High Interest Rates on Store Cards

According to a recent survey from that examined 65 retail credit cards, the average retail credit card APR is a sky-high 24.99%, which is much higher than the 16.15% average APR for the overall credit card
Oct 19 2017

5 Chemicals Now Banned from Kids’ Products

Almost a decade after the Consumer Product Safety Commission was ordered to study the potential health affects of phthalates—chemicals often used in plastic products for children—and make recommendations on what further steps should be taken, the agency
Oct 18 2017

GM First to Test Robotic Cars in NYC

General Motors Co. will test fully self-driving cars in New York City by early next year. Here’s the story.
Oct 18 2017

Is Pasta Healthy?

Consumer Reports says that pasta doesn’t deserve its bad rap for being unhealthy or fattening. Here’s the story.
Oct 17 2017

Agencies Crackdown on Student Loan Scams

A federal-state crackdown on student loan scams drew strong praise Monday from borrowers and their advocates — and reignited criticism of the U.S. Department of Education for doing too little. Prosecutors are acting against three dozen companies
Oct 16 2017

Why This Cable Customer Refuses to Pay Monthly $5.29 Modem Fee

Take a look at your cable TV bill. You’ll see lots of small fees and taxes. When one customer examined his bill, he saw he was being charged for a modem – a modem he actually owned.
Oct 13 2017

Southwest to Start Flights to Hawaii

In 2018, Southwest Airlines will expand travel to Hawaii, bring the public lower prices than it has seen in years. And competitors prices will likely fall as well. Here’s the story.
Oct 13 2017

Best/Worst Airports

There is a love-hate relationship with airports around the country. There are some airports that travelers love, like Orlando International airport. And there are others that people late like Newark. JD Power questioned 35,000 travelers to get
Oct 12 2017

How to Avoid 10 of the World’s Most Infuriating Fees

Unreasonable fees are the financial equivalent of a cold slap in the face. Here’s how to steer clear of them.
Oct 12 2017

Save Time and Money Cleaning Your House With These Simple Hacks

Cleaning is a necessary evil. But we have tricks that can save you cash, and get you through your chores more quickly. Here’s the story. 
Oct 12 2017

2 Tools You Must Use When Shopping on Amazon

These free websites provide detailed data on Amazon product prices and reviews — among other handy info — in a matter of seconds