Yearly Archive:: 2017

Jun 29 2017

Gov’t/Bank Websites Flunk Security/Privacy Test

From Herb Weisbaum, The non-profit Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Alliance anonymously audited more than 1,000 websites for their site security, email security and privacy practices, without the sites knowing they were being watched. Websites run by
Jun 28 2017

Where to Buy/Sell Gift Cards at a Discount

Are you paying full price for a gift card? Stop that! Or do you have gift cards that you’ll never use? Turn them into cold, hard cash! Here’s how (and where).
Jun 28 2017

Beware Kroger Survey and Gift Card Offer

No, you will not get an $80 gift card from Kroger if you fill out a survey you see advertised online. It’s a scam… don’t fall for it. Here’s more.
Jun 27 2017

Big Chicken Producer Sued Over “Natural” Claims

The third largest producer of chickens in the US, Sanderson Farms, was just sued over its use of the word “natural” when tests showed that some of its flock tested positive for antibiotics. Here’s the story.
Jun 27 2017

Beware “Problem with Your Amazon Order” Email

It’s a scam. Don’t click on it. it is an attempt to get your Amazon login information. Here is more detail.
Jun 27 2017

Coke is No Substitute for Sunblock

Some people, believe it or not, think that applying Coca-Cola to one’s body is a quick way to get a suntan. The experts (and Coke) disagree. Here’s why.
Jun 26 2017

Feeding a Teen Costs a Ton

A new survey conducted by Farm Rich finds the average parents spend a staggering $51,790 to feed their teen between ages 13 and 19. The new research suggests teens’ appetites can take more than a financial toll
Jun 26 2017

Eat Your Fruit, Don’t Drink It!

Consumer Reports says it is better to get your daily servings of fruit from the real thing, rather than fruit juices. The juices are missing the fiber and tend to have more natural sugar per serving. Here’s
Jun 23 2017

Of All the Fees You Pay, This One Is the Worst by Far

What’s the most maddening fee you pay? To check your luggage? Bounce a check? Use an ATM? Not even close. Here’s the story.
Jun 23 2017

Study: Consumers Trust Social Media Product Videos

Who do consumers trust when recommending products? Social media influencers who post videos about products are actually trusted more than, say, celebrity endorsements. Here’s more.
Jun 23 2017

FCC Proposes $120-mil Fine for Robocaller

He allegedly made almost 100 million robocalls trying to sell vacation packages using big brand names that he no affiliation with. Now the FCC proposes a huge fine. Here’s the story.
Jun 23 2017

FCC Approves Internet from Space Satellites

In a couple of years, you may be able to get cheap Internet service anywhere in the US through a network of satellites just approved by the FCC. Here’s more.
Jun 22 2017

1 in 5 Over-Consume Vitamin D

A new study suggests that almost one in five Americans are taking too much vitamin D, and that can be dangerous experts say. Here’s why.
Jun 22 2017

Crooked Stockbrokers Can Keep Their Gains After 5 Years

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the SEC only has five years to go after crooks who steal money from investors. That’s the statute of limitations, and even if the crook stole millions and millions, he
Jun 21 2017

Home Depot, Menards Sued Over Lumber Length

Everyone knows that a two by four is not really 2″ by 4″… but that hasn’t stopped a lawsuit against Home Depot and Menards for failing to put the actual measure on certain other pieces of lumber.