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Jan 16 2017

In Prison, Madoff Corners the Market on Hot Chocolate

Only Bernie Madoff could be viewed as a hero by his cellmates. But they’re not too happy with him because he seems to have cornered the market on supplies of Swiss Miss hot chocolate powder. Here’s the
Jan 15 2017

52 Places to Visit in 2017

Of course, you can’t go to all of them, but here are some vacation ideas to consider this year, courtesy of the NY Times.
Jan 15 2017

If the Home Seller Backs Out, Then What?

Do you have any rights if a home seller you are contracting with tries to back of out the deal? You do have rights! Here’s what you can do.
Jan 12 2017

Get Your Consumer Complaint Heard

Here are tips to help get a company to hear your consumer complaint loud and clear.
Jan 12 2017

Kids Menus Not Getting Healthier

Within the past five years or so, some restaurants have been trying to improve kids’ menus by making changes, such as removing soda from kids menus, adding fruit, and offering vegetable choices other than fries. But according
Jan 11 2017

New PA-AG Promises More Consumer Cases

How refreshing to see a state Attorney General’s office embracing consumer issues. Hats off to the new Attorney General for Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro.
Jan 11 2017

AT&T Raises Price of Unlimited Data Plans … Again

Just a year ago, AT&T Wireless raised the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans by $5. Now they’re doing it again by another $5. Could this be a way they are encouraging users to abandon these
Jan 10 2017

Even a Little Emergency Savings is Good

Believe it or not, half of Americans don’t have a rainy day fund. Yikes! For those folks, one way to start is to think small. Here’s the story.
Jan 9 2017

Fastest Growing Student Loan Borrowers: Seniors!

Believe it or not, people 60 years old and higher represent the fastest growing segment taking out student loans. And, their debt is rising significantly. Here’s the story.
Jan 5 2017

Preparing Your Home for a Power Outage

Power outages can have emotional and financial consequences if you have not prepared for them. So here are some tips to help you be ready this winter just in case.
Jan 5 2017

10 Insurance Resolutions

Here are 10 tips to help avoid having to make an insurance claim as well as ways to make any claim easier to file.
Jan 5 2017

Canned Cat Food Recalled

There is a new voluntary recall of 9 Lives, EverPet, and Special Kitty canned cat food. See the list of specific flavors here.
Jan 2 2017

Make 2017 Scam-Free

Here are some tips from AARP to help protect you from scamsters year-round.
Dec 31 2016

Perennial Question: Should You Buy Extended Warranties?

Most experts say you can skip the extra expense of an extended warranty because your credit card gives you some additional protection free. But there are times when it might be prudent. Here’s the story.
Dec 30 2016

DirecTV’s $35 for 100 Channels Ends 1/9

DirecTV Now, an aggressively priced plan for 100 channels will end on January 9. Anyone signed up will be grandfathered into the plan. New customers will pay $60 for the same package. Here’s the story.