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Apr 28 2017

20 Ways to Save $1000/Year

Here are some tips from CNN/Money on relatively painless ways to cut some unnecessary expenses. (Beware autoplay video)
Apr 28 2017

United Changes Overbooking Procedures

You may not be aware, but in the wake of the bumping fiasco of a few weeks ago, United Airlines now says it will offer up to $10,000 if a flight is oversold. Here’s more.
Apr 28 2017

United Offering Cheap “Apology” Fares to Europe

Some fares this summer to Europe are half price. For example fares to Sweden from NY or Boston are less than $400! Here’s more.
Apr 28 2017

81-Year-Old Gets Snookered by “Free” Wrinkle Cream Scam

The offer said it was a free trial, but this Pittsburgh senior citizen was charged hundreds of dollars for jars of wrinkle cream. She still has the wrinkles, and the only thing diminished is her bank account.
Apr 27 2017

Car Rentals Low as $5/Day?!

Clark Howard says you can get some great ONE-WAY car rental rates between now and the end of May. Companies need to reposition their fleet from say Florida up north for the summer and will offer a
Apr 27 2017

Student Loan Servicer Most Complained About Financial Institution

America’s largest student loan company, Navient, was also the most-complained-about financial services company in the country over the last three months, according to new government data released on Tuesday.
Apr 27 2017

Less Salt May Not Lower Blood Pressure

Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine in a 16-year study following more than 2,600 men found no evidence that reducing salt affected blood pressure. More details.
Apr 27 2017

New FCC Chiefs Begins Chipping Away at Net Neutrality

The new FCC chief announced his intention to dismantle US rules protecting net neutrality, prompting howls of protest from open internet advocates who vowed to mobilize a grassroots movement to fight Pai’s plan. Net neutrality is the
Apr 26 2017

High Fashion: Muddy Jeans?

The latest would-be trend is now at Nordstrom. To make white collar men seem more rugged, they are selling fancy jeans that are pre-stained with mud… for only $425! Here’s what they look like.
Apr 26 2017

HGTV Stars NOT Starting Cosmetics Line

From John Matarese, WCPO-TV: In yet another scam involving celebrities, a website saying the stars of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” show are leaving to start a cosmetics line is fake. Here’s the story.
Apr 25 2017

Now They Can 3-D Print Furniture!

Can you print a chair? Yes you can. Here’s a demonstration.
Apr 24 2017

Hash Browns Recalled Containing Golf Balls!

Say what? Yes, somehow golf balls got chopped up and found their way into some hash browns. Here’s the story.
Apr 21 2017

CA Mulls Banning Eavesdropping Toys

Some new-fangled dolls on the market that respond to kids when talking to them may be banned under a bill being considered that would ban eavesdropping dolls. Here are details.
Apr 20 2017

Get Senior Discounts Galore

Getting older has its benefits for your wallet. In some cases, there are discounts that come from a membership organization that you have to join, in other cases, the seller offers discounts to seniors just with proper
Apr 20 2017

Google Chrome May Add an Ad Blocker

Rather than use third-party ad blocking software, Google is considering adding an ad blocker of its own to the Google Chrome browser. Here’s the story.