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Jan 16 2017

What’s wrong with some local governements? This.

Common sense is often trampled by red tape and bureaucracy. See how one town refused to let a homeowner sell her two-family home as a two-family home, despite reams of evidence it was a two-family. The town
Jan 13 2017

How Google Chrome might help scammers steal your info

If you use Google Chrome, watch out for the auto-fill function. There’s a security flaw that causes more information that you expect to be shared with others if you use auto-fill for an online form. See how
Jan 5 2017

Why your “wish list” could be an identity thief’s dream

If you use a “wish list” on your favorite retailer’s website, you might be surprised by what strangers can learn about you and your family. Here’s what a bad guy could learn from your list – unless
Jan 2 2017

Scams to watch for in 2017

New year, but many of the same scams. Take a look at what frauds to expect in the coming year.
Dec 29 2016

Has your favorite retailer changed its return policy?

As shoppers head to stores to make their holiday returns, some may be in for a surprise. Here’s what you need to know about your favorite retailer’s return policies.
Dec 22 2016

Can these toys spy on your children?

A new complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says strangers or predators could use the technology in some internet-based toys to talk directly to your children. See how these toys can spy, and what critics
Dec 19 2016

The 12 Scams of Christmas

Tidings of joy, and scams? Yes, ’tis the season. Here are the 12 Scams of Christmas.
Dec 15 2016

How holiday cheer, wine and Facebook could land you in jail

If you’re tempted to join a gift exchange on Facebook, think again. They’re actually nothing more than pyramid schemes, and they could land you in jail. 
Dec 12 2016

Do police have to respond to a car accident? Not everywhere.

When we learn to drive, we’re all taught to call police if we get into an accident, even a minor one. But some municipalities aren’t responding to non-fatal or minor crashes. What’s a driver to do?
Dec 5 2016

Bamboozled: A new (and heck, smart) weapon against gift card fraud

Scammers of all kinds convince their victims to buy gift cards, which in turn are swiped clean by the scammers. Now there’s a new weapon against gift card fraud, right in your favorite retail store. Learn more.
Dec 1 2016

If a retailer sends you stuff by mistake, can you keep it?

What happens if a retailer sends you two of something when you only ordered one? Can you keep it? The answer may surprise you.
Nov 24 2016

The new scam Amazon won’t warn you about

We’ve seen a rash of scammy sellers on Amazon. These third-party sellers trick customers into communication outside the Amazon system, then they tell the customers to pay for the product via Amazon gift card. The scammers take
Nov 21 2016

You can’t have your new name on your driver’s license. Or can you?

Proper identification became more important than ever after Sept. 11, 2001. But citizens whose names have changed over the years find frustration when trying to match all their IDs. See what happened.
Nov 14 2016

Does your town charge a hidden fee for some online property tax payments?

When you pay your property taxes online, you’d expect that when you receive a confirmation email that your payment was received, that well, it actually was. Not so in at least one New Jersey town, which also
Nov 10 2016

Beware these 4 post-election scams

Now that the election is over, expect scammers to take advantage of those who fear the president-elect’s policies. Here’s what to look out for.