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Dec 7 2017

Private Data Exposed, Personal Info in the Ether? New Bills Would Help

In the wake of data hacks that have exposed the private information of millions of Americans, two new bills could help. Take a look.
Nov 30 2017

Get Your Western Union Refund, But Don’t Get Scammed Again

Consumers who were tricked into paying scammers with a Western Union wire transfer have a chance to get their money back. Just make sure you don’t get scammed again when you go through the process.
Nov 27 2017

After $9.5K in Water Damage to Home, is Lowe’s Responsible?

After a leaky connector – part of a water softener installed by Lowe’s – caused damage to a customer’s finished basement, Lowe’s doesn’t want to take responsibility. See how this customer has been fighting for her $9.5K
Nov 23 2017

Avoid These 4 Holiday Shopping Scams

When the turkey is done, holiday shoppers will head out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Make sure you don’t get scammed along the way.
Nov 20 2017

$200 Rebate Missing for 9 Months

After buying new appliances, a customer was promised a rebate. He completed the forms and the rebate was approved, but his money never arrived. See what it took to get the customer his money.
Nov 6 2017

Dispute over Verizon Cell Phone Offer Infuriates Customer

After nearly a year of billing disputes, a customer said Verizon decided not to honor a promotional plan that the consumer had in writing. But then Verizon changed its mind. Find out why.
Nov 3 2017

How easy is it to open a fake cable account in your name? Pretty easy.

It doesn’t take much identification to open a cable account in someone’s name. See what one wronged consumer, who was pursued for a $1,400 Comcast debt that wasn’t his, is doing to protect others from the same
Nov 2 2017

The Walmart Scam That Wasn’t

Scams are all over, but sometimes, those with the best intentions spread rumors about fraud that isn’t real. Here’s an alleged Walmart scam that doesn’t check out.
Oct 30 2017

Yahoo Email Hack and Bank Inaction Result in $91K Theft, Consumer Says

A couple was all set to pay $91,500 to buy a retirement home. Instead, the money vanished. In a sophisticated but simple scam, hackers tricked the couple through impersonation emails and a takeover of their Yahoo account.
Oct 26 2017

Tech Support Scam Strikes Again

There was a loud buzzing. Then a voice: “Your computer is infected!” A pop-up window told the user to call a specific number for tech help, and now. See what happened to one senior who made the
Oct 19 2017

Is This Amazon Job Offer a Scam?

Companies are boosting their hiring as they prepare for the holiday season and remain optimistic about the economy. But not all job offers are real. See what made one job seeker suspicious about an offer.
Oct 16 2017

Why This Cable Customer Refuses to Pay Monthly $5.29 Modem Fee

Take a look at your cable TV bill. You’ll see lots of small fees and taxes. When one customer examined his bill, he saw he was being charged for a modem – a modem he actually owned.
Oct 12 2017

Are There Fake Bank Accounts in Your Name? Here’s How To Find Out

Most consumers know about the big three credit bureaus, but did you know there are other, smaller companies that monitor different parts of your life? Some gear their business to employers and landlords, but some also monitor
Oct 5 2017

Be Suspicious When You Receive Unsolicited Checks

Con artists use phony checks to steal money from consumers in many kinds of scams, so when a military charity received two unexpected checks made out for unusual amounts, the charity’s treasurer was suspicious. See why check
Oct 2 2017

Should United Honor Refund Promise Made After Hurricane Hit Puerto Rico?

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the island was wrecked and anyone planning to vacation there had to make changes to their itineraries. One couple was told by United Airlines they’d get a refund for their tickets,