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Oct 19 2017

Is This Amazon Job Offer a Scam?

Companies are boosting their hiring as they prepare for the holiday season and remain optimistic about the economy. But not all job offers are real. See what made one job seeker suspicious about an offer.
Oct 16 2017

Why This Cable Customer Refuses to Pay Monthly $5.29 Modem Fee

Take a look at your cable TV bill. You’ll see lots of small fees and taxes. When one customer examined his bill, he saw he was being charged for a modem – a modem he actually owned.
Oct 12 2017

Are There Fake Bank Accounts in Your Name? Here’s How To Find Out

Most consumers know about the big three credit bureaus, but did you know there are other, smaller companies that monitor different parts of your life? Some gear their business to employers and landlords, but some also monitor
Oct 5 2017

Be Suspicious When You Receive Unsolicited Checks

Con artists use phony checks to steal money from consumers in many kinds of scams, so when a military charity received two unexpected checks made out for unusual amounts, the charity’s treasurer was suspicious. See why check
Oct 2 2017

Should United Honor Refund Promise Made After Hurricane Hit Puerto Rico?

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the island was wrecked and anyone planning to vacation there had to make changes to their itineraries. One couple was told by United Airlines they’d get a refund for their tickets,
Sep 28 2017

Who Gets Your Digital Stuff When You Die?

We plan for our property, our investments and our family heirlooms. But have you planned for your e-books and music downloads? Here’s what to consider before it’s too late.
Sep 25 2017

3 Banks and a Missing $500 Check. Where Did This Customer’s Money Go?

After a woman paid her Discover bill, she learned the credit card company never received the payment. But the check was cashed and the money was gone from her account. What happened?
Sep 21 2017

3 Equifax-Related Scams to Watch For

In the wake of the massive Equifax hack, consumers are worried about their credit today. But it’s the scams of the future you need to be sure to remember when Equifax is no longer in the headlines.
Sep 18 2017

Lawn mower explodes, but who is at fault?

When a Craftsman lawn mower, purchased from Sears, pretty much exploded, the consumer reached out to the companies about a possible danger. He wasn’t happy with the response.
Sep 11 2017

United Airlines Passengers Fight for Promised Refunds

When a flight was cancelled, a married couple had to rent a car to reach their connecting flight. United Airlines initially promised to refund the cost to the customers, they said, but then United reps kept giving
Sep 7 2017

10 College Students Lose $58,000 to scams. Is Your Student Next?

Anyone can fall for a scam, and college students living on their own for the first time are especially vulnerable. See how one student was tricked out of $14,000, and how you can help protect the college
Aug 31 2017

Is This Lottery Ticket a Winner? Officals Say Nope

When John Kelly scratched off a poker-themed lottery ticket, he thought he hit the $150,000 jackpot. But lottery officials said it’s not a winner. Who’s right?
Aug 24 2017

Driver in Fake Uber Scam had Revoked License

Uber is a popular way to catch a ride, and scammers take advantage. Many hang around airports impersonating Uber drivers, and they charge outrageously high fares. See what happened when one couple was taken for a ride,
Aug 21 2017

Bamboozled: Is This Cable Company’s Pricing Policy Unfair?

When someone owns a second home, they often make deals with their utilities and cable providers for a “seasonal rate” to be applied when a home is vacant for an extended period. But not all “seasonal rates”
Aug 17 2017

Will Scammers Trick Your Tax Preparer?

The IRS says scammers are targeting tax preparers in an attempt to get consumers’ private information. Here’s what the agency is doing to help, and what you can do as a consumer.