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Jun 12 2017

Before you build a deck, read this

Adding a deck to your backyard can give you a great place to spend time, and it can increase the value of your home. But before you build, make sure you understand what materials you’re going to
Jun 9 2017

Out-of-network medical bills strike again

Many consumers receive out-of-network medical bills even if they go to an in-network hospital. Should a hospital make sure patients receive care from providers who take the patients’ insurance? ┬áSee one woman’s fight to get her medical
Jun 9 2017

United Airlines and another unhappy customer

After a flight cancellation, a United Airlines passenger said he was promised a voucher for a free trip. But when he tried to get the voucher, his requests to the company went unanswered. See how this passenger
May 18 2017

Top 4 summer scams to avoid

It’s almost summer, and that means summer scams will soon be back. Here are four scams to avoid.
May 15 2017

Can they do that? How a woman lost protections for her bank account

If you receive federal benefits, those benefits are protected against non-governmental creditors. But one woman learned those protections aren’t as simple as they may seem. See how her benefits lost their protections.
May 11 2017

3 moves to gut consumer protections

While Russia, the Trump campaign and the firing of FBI Director James Comey top the headlines, there are been significant moves in Washington to gut consumer protections. Here’s the latest.
May 8 2017

After fighting fee for phantom ‘surgery,’ patient battles ambulance double-charge

Health care costs can be mind-boggling. If you’ve ever faced a confusing medical bill, you’ll want to learn how one patient fought to make sure his were accurate.
May 4 2017

Seeking “sugar daddy,” woman finds scam instead

On a dating website that’s promises to set up young people with rich people who want companionship – in exchange for financial help – a woman became the victim of a check scam. See how it happened.
May 1 2017

Paying too much for car insurance? It could be your mysterious insurance credit score!

While it’s pretty clear what makes up a credit score, there’s another kind of score that determines what you’re charged for auto insurance. Here’s a look at your insurance credit score and why insurance companies don’t want
Apr 27 2017

Don’t fall for this Mother’s Day scam

Coupon scams are common around the holidays, and Mother’s Day is no different. Beware of this fake coupon from Lowe’s used by scammers to steal your information.
Apr 17 2017

Should insurance company cancel 90-year-old’s policy? You decide.

Long-term care insurance can be a very smart investment. But if you ever miss a payment, your policy could be terminated. See what happened when a 90-year-old man missed a payment after he was “confused” following an
Apr 10 2017

Bank misplaces payments, threatens foreclosure, customer says

A homeowner got into financial trouble, but came to an agreement with TD Bank over his mortgage. He paid in full and on time, but the bank misplaced payments, the homeowner said. Before long, he received a
Apr 6 2017

Is the “Can you hear me?” scam really a scam?

We’ve all gotten the call. When you answer, the caller asks, “Can you hear me?” Reports say these calls are scams because the caller is trying to get you to say “yes” so they can use your
Apr 3 2017

Catholic hospital retiree pension almost broke

Decades ago, Catholic hospitals petitioned the IRS to change the status of their pensions to “church plans,” which meant they wouldn’t be subject to federal pension protections. The IRS said yes, and now one plan is almost
Mar 28 2017

Man swallows dental bridge during knee surgery. Who should pay?

After a man swallowed his permanent dental bridge during a surgery, his dentist said insurance wouldn’t pay to replace it because the lost bridge was too new. For months, the consumer fought for the anesthesiologist and the