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Jan 13 2017

Pop Quiz: Is It Better to Have a Tax Credit or a Tax Deduction?

It’s that time once again, but don’t despair. Here’s a chance to test your tax IQ — and sharpen your tax-slashing skills. 
Jan 6 2017

Extreme Financial Makeover: 30 Moves in 30 Days

Like getting in shape, getting your finances in order can seem daunting. Try this one-month, 30 minutes a day approach to tackle it in manageable steps. Here’s the story. 
Dec 30 2016

Resolutions 2017: Save More Money Using 5 Simple Tricks

Saving money doesn’t have to be painful. Here are five little games you can play that will help you put more cash in the bank.  
Dec 22 2016

10 Tips for Throwing a Great, Cheap New Year’s Eve Party

We don’t want to alarm you, but New Year’s Eve is just a week or so away. Want to start the new year with frugality and flair? Here’s how. 
Dec 16 2016

9 Rules for Holiday Tipping

It’s that time of the year when everyone wonders whom to tip — and how much to give — during the holiday season. Do you tip your kindergartener’s teacher? How about the garbage man? And what about
Dec 9 2016

10 Strategies to Save Big Bucks on Amazon

If you shop the world’s largest online mall, learn a few tricks that can save you 10 percent or more on every purchase. Added bonus: Get free two-day shipping for the holidays and free HBO for a
Dec 2 2016

5 Reasons to Shop for a Home in December

Buy a home in December, and you might save 5 to 7 percent. That’s just one reason why this is the best time of year to house hunt. Here’s the story.  
Nov 28 2016

17 Restaurants Offering Free Gift Cards for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to save on gift cards at your favorite restaurants. Find out who’s offering freebie bonus cards. Here’s the story.   
Nov 18 2016

10 Ways to Retire Earlier Than Friends on the Same Salary

If you hope to retire early, the decisions you make are as important as the money you earn. Here are some tips for getting out of the rat race.  
Nov 11 2016

7 Ways President Trump Could Impact Your Wallet

The President-elect has ideas — if not fully formed policy proposals — that could have significant impact on your finances, for better or worse. Here’s the story.   
Nov 4 2016

How to Find Money You Didn’t Know You Had

Forgotten stocks, unclaimed wages and more — the money out there will surprise you and could mean a substantial payoff. Here’s the story. 
Oct 28 2016

The 6 Worst Mortgage Mistakes You Can Make

A house may be the most important purchase of your life. Don’t blow it by making one of these dumb mistakes. Here’s the story. 
Oct 21 2016

19 Cheap or Free Ways to Cut Your Winter Energy Bills

Fuel costs are rising, and a colder winter is on the horizon. Control your energy costs with these free or cheap fixes.
Oct 14 2016

Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost?

There are deals to be had, but not every plan makes financial sense. Here’s how to find the good ones and 10 ways to cut your dental bills.   
Oct 7 2016

Can’t Leave an Inheritance? Here Are 6 Ways to Help Your Family

Just because you don’t have a vast estate to divvy up among your heirs doesn’t mean you can’t give them a nice boost. Here’s the story.