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Jul 4 2016

NJ Student Loans Due Even After Death

Some student loans in New Jersey show little compassion for the deceased. Death is no excuse, they say. Here’s the story.
Apr 11 2016

CVS Case Questions Blind Faith in Store Brands

Imagine increasing your chances of going blind sooner because you took store brand pills rather than the proven name brand. That could be the fate of thousands of people who took CVS Advanced Eye Health for advanced
Jun 19 2015

Scam Hotel Sites Ripoff Travelers

The LA Times warns consumers about look-alike/sound-alike sites that make you think you can book a hotel room (that you may or may not actually get). Here is what to look for to keep from being scammed.
May 14 2015

Chase/BofA to Remove Bankruptcy-Discharged Debts from Credit Reports

They had to be sued to do it, but both Chase and Bank of America finally agreed that they needed to remove from a consumer’s credit report any debt that was discharged in bankruptcy court. Here’s the
Mar 15 2015

Who Killed Tony the Tiger?

Cereal sales are in a serious decline over the past few years. What happened to this breakfast staple? Bloomberg explores the answers in “How Kellogg Lost Breakfast.”
Feb 28 2015

White House Proposes Privacy Bill of Rights

The Obama administration on Friday proposed a data privacy bill intended to provide Americans with more control over the personal information that companies collect about them and how that data can be used. Here’s the story.
Jan 12 2015

Illegal tactic taught in some real-estate seminars

High-priced real-estate seminars promise to teach unlicensed novices how to make big money buying and selling property, but Ohio state officials say there’s a problem: Unwitting students who follow the advice might be breaking the law. The
Dec 9 2014

Amazon Tries “Make an Offer” Pricing

Is it Amazon or is it eBay? It may be hard to tell soon because Amazon is introducing a “make an offer” feature in select categories like collectibles. Here’s the story.
Dec 2 2014

Want to work from home? It could be a scam

Wouldn’t it be great to earn more than $1,000 a week working from home? Apparently, a lot of people think so – and are getting suckered by so-called work-from-home scams Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued a
Dec 2 2014

5 Tips on Charity Giving

Not all charities are created equal. That’s a sad reality that those feeling generous sometimes learn too late, according to the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. To help people taking part in this year’s #GivingTuesday –
Nov 6 2014

More Expensive Cars = Longer Loans

The New York Times reports that car loan terms are getting longer and longer because car are getting more expensive. Loans are now typically for six years and sometimes as long as eight years. Here’s the story.
Oct 4 2014

Ways to Protect Yourself After the Chase Breach

From Tara Siegal Bernard, NY Times: J.P. Morgan Chase announced that the breach of its systems compromised records of some 76 million households. Only name, address, telephone and email addresses were apparently taken — no account information
Sep 24 2014

Walmart Wants to be Your Bank

Walmart just announced that it will soon be offering checking accounts linked to a Green Dot debit card.
Sep 17 2014

We’re Consuming Too Much in the U.S.

Americans are getting fatter. Really fat. The average waist size for men has ballooned to 39.7 inches, and to 37.8 inches for women. YIKES! Here’s the skinny.
Sep 16 2014

This Bill Could Improve Your Credit Score

There is a move in Congress to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to remove negative information from your credit report after only four years, instead of the current seven. The affect of this would be to