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Dec 6 2017

Drug Side Effects Buried in the Fine Print

Before taking a new drug, it is worth checking the fine print warnings because sometimes long lasting side effects could result from taking it. Here’s the story.
Dec 4 2017


Now’s the time to start collecting data for a great New Year’s Resolution story.  Come January folks will be flocking to exercise studios and cardio classes to burn off the holiday pounds.  Our hidden cameras found sound
Oct 23 2017

$1k Mistake: Man Uses Bank App, Sends Money to Wrong Person

Sending money through your phone can be quick and convenient, but if you’re not careful, it could cost you. One man sent $1,000 to the wrong person.
Aug 9 2017

Chips on Credit Cards Can Fall Out!

It is possible that those new computer chips embedded in credit cards are not as secure, literally and figuratively, as you think. Here’s the story. (autoplay video)
Dec 27 2016


Long gone are the days of companies hiring traditional market research firms.  Now anyone with a smartphone has all the technology they need to be a research field agent and earn extra cash- up to $600 tax
Dec 7 2016

How to Get Less Physical Junk Mail

From John Matarese, WCPO-TV: Is your mailbox overrun with catalogs from stores you no longer shop at? You can get off mailing lists just by using one website. Here’s the story.
Nov 2 2016

He Fell for the Grandparents Scam

From John Matarese, WCPO-TV: A man describes what happened when he got a call saying that his grandson had been in a car accident. Here’s the story.
Oct 21 2016

Beware Mystery Shopper Scams

From John Matarese, WCPO-TV: This time of year many people may be looking for ways to supplement their income. Becoming a mystery shopper is one way, but there are many scams out there. Don’t fall for the
Oct 11 2016

Some Honda Civics Plagued with Phantom Warning Messages

From John Matarese, WCPO-TV: Some Honda Civic’s optional HondaLink infortainment system have been flashings with failure warnings, such as “brake system problem: the brake system has a problem where the brake fluid may be low.” The trouble
Oct 3 2016

The ads say they do the work, the fine print says they don’t have to

Thumbtack is the online service that pairs consumers with “qualified professionals” but it turns out the service has no obligation to vet the information given by any of its “pros”.  They sent unlicensed people to our house
Sep 19 2016

Are extended warranties worth it?

Consumer watchdogs have been critical of extended warranties for not covering the most-needed repairs to items. One often-criticized warranty company left a customer without help in a different way. See what happened, and how the company made
Aug 26 2016

Bluetooth Skimmers Found Inside Gas Pumps

The latest way that crooks are stealing credit card numbers is with skimmers INSIDE gas pumps that send your credit card information over the air via Bluetooth. Yikes. Here’s the story.
Jul 14 2016

Dashcams Save Money, Protect You

More people are installing dash cams so they have proof of who was in the right and who was in the wrong should a traffic accident occur. Here’s the story.
May 27 2016

Is TSA PreCheck Worth the Money?

With such long lines to get through security at airports, many are trying to save time by signing up for TSA PreCheck for an $85 fee. Is it worth the money?
May 11 2016

CA Moves to Authorize Fines for Faulty Car Repairs

California lawmakers are calling for more oversight of the auto repair industry after an NBC Bay Area investigation exposed how lax enforcement leaves California motorists unprotected. The Bureau of Automotive Repair is a state agency created to