Yearly Archive:: 2016

Dec 31 2016

Perennial Question: Should You Buy Extended Warranties?

Most experts say you can skip the extra expense of an extended warranty because your credit card gives you some additional protection free. But there are times when it might be prudent. Here’s the story.
Dec 30 2016

Resolutions 2017: Save More Money Using 5 Simple Tricks

Saving money doesn’t have to be painful. Here are five little games you can play that will help you put more cash in the bank.  
Dec 30 2016

DirecTV’s $35 for 100 Channels Ends 1/9

DirecTV Now, an aggressively priced plan for 100 channels will end on January 9. Anyone signed up will be grandfathered into the plan. New customers will pay $60 for the same package. Here’s the story.
Dec 29 2016

Has your favorite retailer changed its return policy?

As shoppers head to stores to make their holiday returns, some may be in for a surprise. Here’s what you need to know about your favorite retailer’s return policies.
Dec 29 2016

5 “Lies” A Used Car Salesperson Might Tell You

When you buy a used car, you have to watch out for a smart-talking salesperson. Here are some of the maneuvers they might use to soften you up.
Dec 28 2016

13 Tech Products that Disappeared in 2016

Bye bye, Motorola. Sayonara, hoverboards. Here are more products that bit the dust this year.
Dec 27 2016


Long gone are the days of companies hiring traditional market research firms.  Now anyone with a smartphone has all the technology they need to be a research field agent and earn extra cash- up to $600 tax
Dec 27 2016

MacBook Pro Flunks Consumer Reports’ Battery Test

The new MacBook Pro is not getting the Consumer Reports seal of approval because of battery life issues. Here’s the story.
Dec 27 2016

Beware Family Emergency Scams

The phone rings and a loved one says through some unfortunate circumstances they are left penniless on vacation. Don’t fall for this scam.
Dec 23 2016

Don’t Let Your Gas Tank Go Below 1/4

Consumer Reports says that you could do damage to your car if you let your gas tank get too low. Here’s why.
Dec 23 2016

Smart Billboards are Watching You!

Marketers are trying to target your movements in order to increase sales. Smart billboards may be able to track signals from your cellphone! Here’s the story.
Dec 22 2016

10 Tips for Throwing a Great, Cheap New Year’s Eve Party

We don’t want to alarm you, but New Year’s Eve is just a week or so away. Want to start the new year with frugality and flair? Here’s how. 
Dec 22 2016

Can these toys spy on your children?

A new complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says strangers or predators could use the technology in some internet-based toys to talk directly to your children. See how these toys can spy, and what critics
Dec 22 2016

Credit Card Late Fees to Rise in 2017

What a $37 late fee is not enough for credit card issuers? Expectations are that these already high fees will go higher in 2017. Here’s the story.
Dec 22 2016

NHTSA Delays Penalties on Fuel Hogs

Car makers were to face penalties if their vehicles did not meet new tougher fuel efficiency standards. Now the agency says it won’t implement those penalties until 2019 instead. Here’s the story.