Yearly Archive:: 2017

Jul 20 2017

3 Things to do if a Debt Collector Comes Calling

The CFPB offers advice on how best to deal with debt collectors. Their advice: (1)Know your rights; (2) Make sure the debt is yours; and (3) Act quickly. Here are details.
Jul 20 2017

Gourmet TV Dinners Made in New Fangled Oven

If you want a gourmet meal at home without the muss and fuss, a new $400 Internet connected steam oven and premade meals (at $12 each) may be the (expensive) answer. Watch this demonstration video.
Jul 20 2017

Scam? Mistake? Either Way, This Senior’s Investments were in Danger

When a 92-year-old woman received a beneficiary update statement from Vanguard, she was shocked. No longer were her eight children listed as equal beneficiaries, but instead, her account was to go to a religious group across the
Jul 20 2017

US Postal Inspection Service Scams a Scammer

To catch a thief, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. And that is exactly what the U.S. Postal Inspection Service did recently to catch a crook who took some $100,000 from a senior citizen. Here’s
Jul 20 2017

Negotiate Car Prices via Email!

Believe it or not, you can negotiate car prices via email or telephone. Here are tips from Consumer Reports on exactly how to do it.
Jul 20 2017

Some Shop for Groceries Online Only

Traditional brick and mortar supermarkets are getting worried because some millennials are buying most of their groceries online these days. Here’s a report on the shift.
Jul 19 2017

How to Keep Your iPhone Alive on Very Low Battery

The iPhone is notoriously bad when it comes to battery life. Many people have to charge their phones during the day. Now if you don’t have a charger handy and your battery is dangerously low, you can
Jul 18 2017

Not All Plant-Based Foods are Good

For years, the mantra has been that eating lots of fruits, vegetables and grains will ward off heart disease, but a new study suggests that choosing the wrong ones may backfire. Here’s the story.
Jul 17 2017

How to Test Drive a Car Like a Pro

Consumer Reports offers these tips on how to intelligently test drive a new or used car.
Jul 14 2017

9 Expensive Cleaning Supplies You Can Easily Make For Pennies

Or go ahead: Keep paying up to $14 to refill that Swiffer bottle, while we do it for a few cents. Totally up to you. Here’s the story.
Jul 14 2017

5 Ways to Never Set Foot in a Grocery Store Again

Today, there are many ways to have groceries delivered to your home or car. Here are some of the best. 
Jul 14 2017

FCC Proposes New Rules on Slamming and Cramming

The FCC is taking steps to prevent your cellphone carrier from being switched without your express permission and verification, and from having unexpected charges tacked onto your monthly bill. Here’s more.
Jul 13 2017

Want to Share Your Opinion about Trump? Watch Out!

Whether you love the president or not, there’s certainly a lot of passion out there about politics. Scammers want to take advantage of that passion so they can steal your money. Here’s what to watch out for.
Jul 13 2017

Don’t Die in These 14 States!

Fourteen states and the District of Columbia are the only ones with an inheritance tax that can typically reduce your heirs’ inheritance by 16%! Here’s the list.
Jul 13 2017

Big Tech Firms Support Net Neutrality

Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook all demonstrated their support to not let Internet providers slow down some content in favor of speeding up other content (and charging more to do so). Here’s what they