Yearly Archive:: 2017

Apr 21 2017

The Best-Kept Secret for Saving Big on Cellphone Plans

Here’s how to find the prepaid carrier that meets your unique needs and save hundreds in the process. 
Apr 21 2017

CA Mulls Banning Eavesdropping Toys

Some new-fangled dolls on the market that respond to kids when talking to them may be banned under a bill being considered that would ban eavesdropping dolls. Here are details.
Apr 20 2017

Get Senior Discounts Galore

Getting older has its benefits for your wallet. In some cases, there are discounts that come from a membership organization that you have to join, in other cases, the seller offers discounts to seniors just with proper
Apr 20 2017

Google Chrome May Add an Ad Blocker

Rather than use third-party ad blocking software, Google is considering adding an ad blocker of its own to the Google Chrome browser. Here’s the story.
Apr 19 2017

Distrust of Self-Driving Cars Increases

A new survey found that compared to its 2016 survey, 11 percent more Gen Z consumers (those born from 1995 to 2004) and 9 percent more pre-boomers (those born before 1946) say they “definitely would not” trust
Apr 18 2017

Recycle Old Car Seat, Get 20% off Coupon

Target is offering a program this month whereby you can get a 20% off coupon a new car seat just by trading in an old one. Here’s how.
Apr 17 2017

Should insurance company cancel 90-year-old’s policy? You decide.

Long-term care insurance can be a very smart investment. But if you ever miss a payment, your policy could be terminated. See what happened when a 90-year-old man missed a payment after he was “confused” following an
Apr 14 2017

7 Ways to Shop at Costco Without a Membership

There are some neat tricks you can employ to shop at Costco to save money but not be a member. Here they are.
Apr 14 2017

Ooho: Edible Water Bubbles

Imagine no more plastic water bottles littering the roads or filling landfills. This company has developed water packaging where you eat the little flexible balls that contain water. Watch the video.
Apr 14 2017

JC Penney Delays Store Closings

Given that stores planned to be closed by JC Penney had significant sales increases recently, the retailer has decided to delay the start of going out of business sales at those locations. Here’s the story.
Apr 13 2017

5 Ways to Drastically Save on Groceries

There are simple things you can do to save money on your groceries. Here’s how.
Apr 13 2017

150,000 Garbage Disposals Recalled

Ten different brands of garbage disposals were just recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Among the nearly 150,000 units are ones from Kenmore, Moen, and Waste King. Here’s the full list.
Apr 13 2017

Air Ambulance Fees Sky High

What do you think it costs if you need to be air-lifted to a hospital in another nearby town? It could be $30,000! Here’s the story.
Apr 11 2017

Student Loan Protections Removed

Relatively new federal guidelines intended to to make the student loan repayment process more accurate and transparent have all been rescinded today by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos — a move that consumer advocates says removes accountability
Apr 11 2017

Oprah Coming to Alexa

Amazon Alexa and Oprah Winfey just made a deal. Oprah will be spouting some words of wisdom over Alexa units in people’s homes. Here’s the story.