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Mar 24 2017

Sears: Going, Going…

Sears warned that it may not have the financial resources to continue in business. Here’s what they said.
Mar 24 2017

Experian Fined for Misleading Credit Scores

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued Experian, one of the big three credit bureaus, for misrepresenting its Plus scores as the same ones used by credit grantors in making lending decisions. Here’s the story.
Mar 24 2017

T-Mobile Launches Scam Protection

Scam Block and Scam ID are two new services for T-Mobile customers. They will identify and block potential scam calls. Here’s the story.
Mar 23 2017

Costco Joins with Shipt to Offer Grocery Deliveries

If you want to avoid the lines at Costco, it is going to cost you. They are testing a delivery service now in Florida where you pay $99 a year for unlimited grocery orders delivered to your
Mar 21 2017

The Great Skim Milk Labeling Controversy

In Florida, you can’t call skim milk “skim milk” on the label unless it contains added vitamin A. One dairy wanted to sell natural skim milk, without the vitamin additive, but the state would not let them
Mar 21 2017

Saks Fifth Avenue Exposed Customer Info

The personal information of tens of thousands of customers of Saks Fifth Avenue has been publicly available in plain text online, according to a story in Buzzfeed. Until recently, unencrypted, publicly accessible web pages on the site
Mar 21 2017

Vitamin D No Help for Dementia in Men

A new study reveals that taking vitamin D or selenium supplements will do nothing to help men reduce the risk of dementia. Here’s the story.
Mar 20 2017

Penny-Pinching Mom Ditches Debt

This is the story of a woman and her husband who found themselves with $37,000 of debt, and how they diligently brought that figure down to zero.
Mar 17 2017

Can Something be Discounted Too Much?

Researchers in Australia discuss in this article how consumers perceive prices and discounts. And they suggest that sometimes if a product is too cheap, consumers just won’t buy it. Here’s the story.
Mar 16 2017

NYC Sues Verizon Over Late FiOS Rollout

Every residence in NYC was supposed to be wired for Verizon FiOS by 2014. But, it has not happened. So the NYC is suing the carrier.
Mar 16 2017

If Consumer Agency Falls, It’ll be a Wallop to Your Wallet

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being targeted by Congress and the new administration. If it is weakened or abolished, your wallet will suffer. Here’s how.
Mar 16 2017

Medigap Plans Show Little or No Increase

Good news for seniors. Prices are not going up at all or only modest for Medicare supplement insurance policies for 2017. Here’s the story.
Mar 15 2017

3 Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Avoid

Consumer Reports says there are three off-brand carbon monoxide detectors that it recently tested that do not meet its standards. Here are the three to avoid.
Mar 10 2017

10 Heart-Healthy, Heart-Unhealthy Foods

New research says you can improve your heart health eating more of six particular foods and eating less of four others. Here’s the list.
Mar 8 2017

Discounters Attracting Millennials

TJ Maxx is doing very well, thank you. But stores like Macy’s and J.C. Penney, not so much. Here’s why.Here’s why