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Aug 17 2017

Nissan Still has Transmissions Issues

Hundreds of owners have been complaining to the NHTSA and online about their transmissions slipping, since it switched to “continuously variable” automatic transmissions about a decade ago. And despite a warranty extension, the complaints keep coming. Here’s
Aug 16 2017

10 Best Selling Products in Japan

Did you ever wonder what products are the most popular in other countries? This story looks at the top sellers in Japan.
Aug 16 2017

In UK, Supermarkets Cut Back on BOGO Deals

After criticism about non-transparent pricing, UK supermarket have been advertising fewer promotions this year, and instead are lowering some everyday prices. Is this something we have to look forward to also?
Aug 16 2017

FTC Settles with Uber Over Data Privacy

The FTC alleged that Uber’s failure to provide reasonable data security allowed a hacker to access personal information about Uber drivers in May 2014. The information included more than 100,000 drivers’ names and license numbers. Uber has
Aug 15 2017

Debit Card Chips Help Cut Fraud

An estimated 80 percent of U.S. debit cards have been converted to chip cards. A study found that fraud loss rates dropped by approximately 28 percent in 2016 compared to 2015 levels. Here’s the story.
Aug 11 2017

6 Tactics that Convince You to Buy

How do you get a person to buy a product or service? Psychology holds answers to questions that have preoccupied marketing departments for decades, particularly surrounding how to influence people and how people respond to attempts to
Aug 10 2017

Labor Dept. Seeks to Delay Consumer Rule

There is a regulation that requires financial advisers to put their clients’ best interests ahead of their own. Now the Labor Department is asking for a 18 month delay in implementation. So you could get screwed in
Aug 10 2017

UT Deregulates Landline Telephone Service

Utah will no longer regulate landline telephone service quality meaning that the local phone company will no longer have to meet customer service standards and quality standards. Here’s more.
Aug 10 2017

“Basic Economy” Fares Come with Catches

You think you’re getting a great airfare from one of the major airlines, but if you check the fine print, it has restrictions that you never thought were possible: you board last, you can’t use the overhead
Aug 9 2017

Chips on Credit Cards Can Fall Out!

It is possible that those new computer chips embedded in credit cards are not as secure, literally and figuratively, as you think. Here’s the story. (autoplay video)
Aug 9 2017

Tech Support Scams Move to Email

Microsoft researchers have discovered new tech support scam campaigns being delivered through mass phishing emails. The links attached to these malicious emails lead to tech support scam websites that are worded to trick the user into calling
Aug 8 2017

For Cosmetics, Let the Buyer Beware

Thanks to a lack of federal regulations, the watchword for consumers of cosmetics and personal care products should be caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware. Here’s why.
Aug 8 2017

Tax Pros a Target of Software Phishing Scam

The new scam involves a phishing email scam impersonating tax software providers and attempting to steal usernames and passwords. The email typically has a subject line that reads “Software Support Update,” “Important Software System Upgrade,” or similar.
Aug 4 2017

6 Spending Mistakes College Students Make

College kids are notoriously bad about money management. Here are some of the ways they go wrong moneywise.
Aug 4 2017

Why We Despise Cable Providers

Last spring, a resident of Lexington, Kentucky, named Jessica Abney logged on to her computer and noticed something odd: her monthly cable bill, which had for years been around ninety dollars, had suddenly risen to a hundred