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Aug 17 2017

Will Scammers Trick Your Tax Preparer?

The IRS says scammers are targeting tax preparers in an attempt to get consumers’ private information. Here’s what the agency is doing to help, and what you can do as a consumer.
Aug 14 2017

56 Days Without a Dryer, Best Buy Customer is Steamed

Customer service mistakes happen, but for one Best Buy customer, a dryer install job went wrong not once, not twice, but four times. See what it took to make it right.
Aug 11 2017

7 Ways to Avoid Scams

From unsavory contractors to unwanted robocalls, fraudsters are out to get your money. Here are 7 ways to avoid scams.
Aug 3 2017

Why you Should Care about this Life Insurance Mystery

An older woman died, confident her life insurance would provide money for her final expenses so she wouldn’t be a burden on her children. That’s not what happened.
Aug 3 2017

Social Security Schemers are Gunning for You

Con artists are calling Social Security recipients with a trick to steal their benefits. See how it works and how you can protect yourself.
Jul 24 2017

Newlyweds Taken for a Ride in Fake Uber Scam

After their ride home from an airport, a couple returning from their honeymoon decided to take an Uber. But instead of the $135 ride they were quoted by the Uber app, their driver charged more than $500.
Jul 20 2017

Scam? Mistake? Either Way, This Senior’s Investments were in Danger

When a 92-year-old woman received a beneficiary update statement from Vanguard, she was shocked. No longer were her eight children listed as equal beneficiaries, but instead, her account was to go to a religious group across the
Jul 13 2017

Want to Share Your Opinion about Trump? Watch Out!

Whether you love the president or not, there’s certainly a lot of passion out there about politics. Scammers want to take advantage of that passion so they can steal your money. Here’s what to watch out for.
Jul 6 2017

4 Things Every Consumer Should Know

As scams and unscrupulous contractors abound, consumers need to be proactive so they can protect their hard-earned money. Here are four things every consumer should know.
Jun 30 2017

Will unsafe baby mattresses be banned?

So-called supplemental mattresses may be banned in New Jersey, and the feds are also looking at a possible ban. See how the fight went down – pitting high-powered lobbyists against a woman who said the mattresses caused
Jun 30 2017

When a “hitman” offers you a life-saving deal

This is one of the scariest scam calls out there: A hitman calls and says he’s been paid to kill you. But the hitman has an idea that would save your life. See how this scam works.
Jun 12 2017

Before you build a deck, read this

Adding a deck to your backyard can give you a great place to spend time, and it can increase the value of your home. But before you build, make sure you understand what materials you’re going to
Jun 9 2017

Out-of-network medical bills strike again

Many consumers receive out-of-network medical bills even if they go to an in-network hospital. Should a hospital make sure patients receive care from providers who take the patients’ insurance? ┬áSee one woman’s fight to get her medical
Jun 9 2017

United Airlines and another unhappy customer

After a flight cancellation, a United Airlines passenger said he was promised a voucher for a free trip. But when he tried to get the voucher, his requests to the company went unanswered. See how this passenger
May 18 2017

Top 4 summer scams to avoid

It’s almost summer, and that means summer scams will soon be back. Here are four scams to avoid.