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Mar 16 2017

Medicare patient suspects fraud. See why she was wrong.

Soaring medical costs is a good reason for consumers to pay close attention to their bills. And to be on the lookout for fraud. See why one Medicare patient suspected fraud, and why she was wrong.
Mar 9 2017

What happens to gold teeth when someone is cremated?

A light bulb went off for a retired dentist who has some gold teeth. He asked what happens to gold teeth, and other metals, when someone is cremated.  We found out.
Mar 6 2017

Man wants $1,500 AT&T credit returned

If you overpay your bills, there are rules governing what companies can do with your overpayment. See what one man had to do before he could get back extra money he paid on his AT&T bill.
Feb 27 2017

Have a mailbox? See the scary ‘identity takeover’ that could happen to you

It’s a consumer nightmare. A scammer changes your address with the postal service, then goes crazy with your debit card. See how it happened to one consumer.
Feb 20 2017

Holding ‘hostage’ a dead senior’s money – legally

If you have a family member living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC, you could be in for a big surprise when your relative dies. So how in most states, the facility can hang onto
Feb 13 2017

How a non-existent ‘surgery’ during ER visit cost $30K

When a guy fell off his bike, he needed medical care for a broken wrist and clavicle. He never saw the doctor and he never had surgery, but he was charged nearly $30k for “surgery,” according to
Feb 6 2017

Parents-to-be get the runaround – and two broken cribs – from Babies”R”Us

How many calls to a company’s customer service department should it take to correct a mistake? See why to took more than 10 calls for one couple to get a new crib from Babies”R”Us – but it
Feb 2 2017

Buyer beware… at your library?

It’s always important to read the fine print of a transaction, but there are times you may not think to look. See what happened to one man’s quest for a refund after he was wrongly told to
Jan 26 2017

Job scam targets college students

College students always need money, and scammers are trying to take advantage with a job offer that’s nothing but trickery. Learn more here.
Jan 19 2017

How to set a strong password

Your password is probably easier to guess than you think. And “123456789” is pretty popular, too. Learn how to set a strong password.
Jan 16 2017

What’s wrong with some local governements? This.

Common sense is often trampled by red tape and bureaucracy. See how one town refused to let a homeowner sell her two-family home as a two-family home, despite reams of evidence it was a two-family. The town
Jan 13 2017

How Google Chrome might help scammers steal your info

If you use Google Chrome, watch out for the auto-fill function. There’s a security flaw that causes more information that you expect to be shared with others if you use auto-fill for an online form. See how
Jan 5 2017

Why your “wish list” could be an identity thief’s dream

If you use a “wish list” on your favorite retailer’s website, you might be surprised by what strangers can learn about you and your family. Here’s what a bad guy could learn from your list – unless
Jan 2 2017

Scams to watch for in 2017

New year, but many of the same scams. Take a look at what frauds to expect in the coming year.
Dec 29 2016

Has your favorite retailer changed its return policy?

As shoppers head to stores to make their holiday returns, some may be in for a surprise. Here’s what you need to know about your favorite retailer’s return policies.