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May 26 2017

Want to Be Rich? Here’s All the Advice You’ll Ever Need, in 10 Simple Sentences

I’ve been giving financial advice for 40 years, and I’m a millionaire several times over. Here are the 10 best bits of financial advice I’ve both given and taken. 
May 26 2017

Avoid These 6 Summer Scams

Summertime, unfortunately, can be scam-time too. Here are six summer scams to watch out for.
May 26 2017

Woman Sues Jelly Belly Over Sugar in Jelly Beans

A California woman is suing Jelly Belly claiming that their “sport” beans contain hidden sugar labeled as “evaporated cane juice.” The company (maybe rightfully) dismisses the case as nonsense. Here’s the story.
May 25 2017

Google to Track Brick & Mortar Purchases

Google has a new tool to track users who click online ads to see if they make a purchase of that item in a physical store. Here’s the story.
May 22 2017

Obama Student Loan Protections Being Rolled Back

Student loan advocates are concerned that proposed reforms suggested by the Obama administration are being cast aside now. Here’s the story.
May 22 2017

5 Most Common Online Scams

They say a sucker is born every minute, and online scam artists are counting on it. Here are their top tricks to separate you and your money.
May 22 2017

Nathan’s Hot Dogs Recalled

Barbecue grillers beware… just in time for Memorial Day… Certain packages of Nathan’s frankfurters have been recalled because of the possibility that there could be metal particles in the hot dogs. Here’s the recall.
May 19 2017

7 Gift Card Hacks Every Shopper Should Know

Knowing the right moves can help you squeeze more from gift cards. Here’s the story.  
May 19 2017

Student Loan Forgiveness Program in Peril

Some students are being to freak out about the possibility that a federal program that forgives student loans for those who go into public service may be scraped. Here’s the story.
May 18 2017

Top 4 summer scams to avoid

It’s almost summer, and that means summer scams will soon be back. Here are four scams to avoid.
May 17 2017

Some IRS Debt Collection Calls are Real

Consumer advocates have always advised the public to just hang up on any debt collector who claims he is calling about an IRS tax debt because they are scams. The IRS, this spring, changed all that by
May 16 2017

Hotel Alternative: Rent a Home

From Herb Weisbaum, NBCNews.com: If you want to save money and have the convenience of a kitchen when you go on vacation, many people choose to rent a home instead of staying in a hotel. Here are
May 15 2017

Can they do that? How a woman lost protections for her bank account

If you receive federal benefits, those benefits are protected against non-governmental creditors. But one woman learned those protections aren’t as simple as they may seem. See how her benefits lost their protections.
May 15 2017

Student Loan Rates to Jump 25%

Starting in July, the interest rate on federal undergraduate loans will jump to 4.45 percent, up from 3.76 percent previously. The increase is based on the recently set 10-year Treasury rate, and it applies to loans taken
May 15 2017

Sprint Wants to Buy T-Mobile

Some folks are worried if Sprint is able to buy T-Mobile that much of the recent competition in the cell industry will be curtailed. Here’s the story.