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Sep 22 2017

Stop Overspending on These 15 Things

Tradition and emotion often cause people to overspend. Who says you should pay three months’ salary for an engagement ring? Here’s the story.
Sep 22 2017

From DVDs to Baby Shoes: 43 Things You Should Never Buy

Some purchases are just DUMB. Give yourself — and your budget — a break and skip these items.
Sep 22 2017

Base Airfares Down, But Bag Fees Increase Total

Are travelers paying lower airfares? The truth is while base airfares are lower, the total paid has increased because fees for checking a bag are higher than base fares have dropped. Here’s more.
Sep 21 2017

3 Equifax-Related Scams to Watch For

In the wake of the massive Equifax hack, consumers are worried about their credit today. But it’s the scams of the future you need to be sure to remember when Equifax is no longer in the headlines.
Sep 20 2017

Social Media More Than Price Influences Gen Z

Social media plays a huge role — bigger than pricing — when it comes to influencing the purchase decisions of Generation Z. That’s according to initial findings from an ongoing study into the shopping attitudes and behaviors
Sep 20 2017

3 Out of 4 Use Amazon for Product Research

Seventy-two percent of shoppers go to Amazon to learn more about a product before they make buying decision. This research includes product details, pricing, and reviews. Here’s more.
Sep 20 2017

MA-AG First to File Case Against Equifax

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has filed a lawsuit against the credit reporting company Equifax after the company announced 143 million Americans had their information exposed— including Social Security numbers, birthdates and address histories. Here’s more.
Sep 19 2017

Beware Fake Traffic Tickets

Virginia car owners are being warned about emails purporting to contain traffic tickets for running a red light or other violation. It’s a scam! Here’s more.
Sep 18 2017

Lawn mower explodes, but who is at fault?

When a Craftsman lawn mower, purchased from Sears, pretty much exploded, the consumer reached out to the companies about a possible danger. He wasn’t happy with the response.
Sep 18 2017

Old Kenmore Range Coveted at Consumer Reports

A 2005 Kenmore electric range has a special space in the testing labs at Consumer Reports. It broiled so well, it is the standard against which other ranges are measured. Here’s the story.
Sep 16 2017

The Nightmare Living Next to Construction Site

Here is the tale of a NY condo owner who has had a nightmare of noise and damage living next to a building that is taking years to finish.
Sep 15 2017

After Equifax Data Hack, Should I Freeze My Account?

If you’re concerned about identity theft following the credit bureau’s massive data breach, this is a tool that could protect you — but use with caution. Here’s the story.  
Sep 15 2017

11 Ways to Save $500 for the Holidays

A little scrimping here, a little extra gig there, and you’ll soon have the money to buy gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa without stress or credit card debt. Here’s the story. 
Sep 15 2017

8 Foolish and Costly Financial Foul-ups — and How to Avoid Them

These common money mistakes can cost you thousands. But you can sidestep them if you follow these simple tips.  
Sep 15 2017

Dozens of Android Apps Infected with Malware

A mobile threat research team identified a new variant of an Android malware that sends fraudulent premium SMS messages and charges users’ accounts for fake services without their knowledge. According to Google Play data, the malware infected